Map List Pro

Watch a video of a map location being created

All map locations

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All map locations, no directions, links to full details

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Just food, no directions

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5 Locations picked from a list

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All locations, Search by location, Categories on items hidden, 5 per page

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All locations, No filter, Search, or Sort, 5 per page

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A full Geo Located map with distance sort

Take a look at the demo here

2 thoughts on “Map List Pro

  1. Hi,

    I have already my POI in my google maps , you can see on my webpage – – (+- 300 poi) can i import directly all my poi to this script? If it’s possible how i can do it? I’m not DB expert!

    Regards from Portugal

    • Hello Carlos,

      If you’ve got a csv file with the locations you can import them straight into map list pro. Your csv needs to be in a particular format though – see the FAQ on CodeCanyon for details.


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